Quality at our hotels

Kvaliteten på våra hotell

For your best experience

Focus at the guests

At Jula Hotels we always strives to offer our guests the best experience:
From our restaurants and housing to facilities, conferences and service. As a newly established group we have in 2022 started an organized way to ensure the quality at our hotels – with focus at the guests.

Different areas where quality assurance is executed

  • Hospitality & service
  • Branding & concept
  • Open spaces & outdoor environment
  • Hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Conference
  • Facilities

The Internal Quality

The second part in our quality assurance is the internal work. We do this to have contented employees that want to flourish with us, along with us taking our social responsibility.

Internal areas where quality assurance is executed

  • Internal processes
  • Skill developments
  • Security & fire safety
  • Sustainability
  • Appealing employer

We like to regularly like to follow up what our guests and employees considers about us.
If you have something to add – please contact our quality strategist jessica.palm@julahotell.se.