We at Jula Hotell work continuously with sustainability issues, in a constant effort to minimize the environmental impact.

We care about the environment

When you stay at one of our hotels, you help to take responsibility for the environment. All our hotels are or are in the process of being eco-labeled with Green Key – an international eco-label for facilities in the hospitality and tourism industry that helps us improve our sustainability work. We at Jula Hotell work actively to reduce energy and water consumption, use electricity from renewable sources, sort and recycle sources and buy eco-labeled cleaning products and organic food. Work is also underway to map our greatest environmental impact and develop goals and strategies for how we should be involved and contribute to becoming climate neutral by 2030.

The global goals in our business

In 2015, the UN member states adopted a universal agenda for sustainable development that contains seventeen global goals to be achieved by 2030. We at Jula Hotell have chosen to focus on seven of these goals that we work actively with in our operations.

Sustainable energy for everyone

Global access to modern and renewable energy as well as clean fuels is a prerequisite for being able to meet several of the challenges facing the world. That is why we always make demands on our suppliers and ensure that they use renewable energy, e.g. We have also started to install charging posts at our facilities, and switching to LED lighting at our hotels.

Gender equality & reduced inequality

Gender equality is incredibly important for sustainable and peaceful development. We therefore work consciously with how we recruit, which includes everything from writing inclusive job advertisements to developing clearer routines for the selection process.

Sustainable consumption and production

Our planet has provided us with an abundance of natural resources, but we humans have not used it responsibly and are now consuming far beyond what our planet can handle. Our goal is to try to circulate more – reuse building materials and furnishings instead of buying new. We work to make our menu more local and mostly contain ingredients that come from the local area. We are also part of Generation Waste, offer lunch boxes and work actively to reduce our food waste.

Decent working conditions and economic growth

Jula Hotell collaborates with Visita – an industry and employer organization for the Swedish hospitality industry. They work to ensure that laws, rules and business conditions are designed so that the industry is given even better opportunities. We also use local suppliers to the extent possible.

Ecosystems and biodiversity

Sustainable ecosystems and biodiversity are the foundation of our life on earth. Meeting the needs of humanity without harming biodiversity and the ecosystem is crucial to our survival. We try to contribute by using the internet and thus reduce printing. We offer e-invoices instead of paper invoices and have also installed a new cash register system where we use digital receipts instead of physical ones.

Generation Waste

We are connected to Generation Waste, which means that we actively work to reduce food waste.